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Making Waves Flotilla

Leader:Captain Goosey H2O [VIP]
Deputy:Dr Centavo Sabio

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F Captain Goosey H2O [VIP]15914697950/79500MaracaiboOffline
F lilzombiealexx1146750/500TortugaOffline
F Dr Centavo Sabio5514672750/27500Port of SpainOffline
F Red1146550/500TortugaOffline
F Doc_Holliday144250/500TortugaOffline
F Dr Syn12380600/6000TortugaOffline
F Float26729213350/133500CíbolaOffline
F Bakapuma31619415800/158000Bay of HondurasOffline
F Jojobee4291881450/14500TortugaOffline
F Amelia Dunn351171750/17500Port RoyalOffline
F Sarah The Savage471042350/23500TortugaOffline