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Profile for ★Gone Shark Fishing★

What an interesting smell you've discovered!
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Name:★Gone Shark Fishing★
Member Type:Member
Signed Up:20 Dec 2007, 6:29:35 pm
Last Active:18 Oct 2018, 3:24:43 pm
Last Action:54 minutes ago
Days Old:3954
PhysicalOptions Trophies / Collectibles
Location:Port of Spain

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Flotilla:The Pirates who say Ni!
Ship:Chinese Junk
Crew Health:3750/3750
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★Gone Shark Fishing★'s Friends Comments
F Rosey [17187]
9 Feb 2012 7:01:09 am
Congrats on level 150 round 11!
F Logic [10830]
5 Jan 2012 3:44:35 pm
You manage to bust ★Gone Shark Fishing★ out of jail Again.. :D
F Logic [10830]
5 Jan 2012 3:38:03 pm
You manage to bust ★Gone Shark Fishing★ out of jail
F Rosey [17187]
15 Dec 2011 4:06:08 pm
Cach me a Great Wite!
F capt. sanchez [19437]
17 Oct 2011 1:38:46 pm
"for $10,000 you get the head, the tail, the whole dam thing"
F Darkwitch [13764]
5 May 2010 2:37:01 pm
Shocked!! That is one for my pirate diary, that's for sure, I will be nice and keep it between us though xx
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