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frijoles refritos
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F Captain Goosey H2O [VIP] [1087]
F Clark Griswold [18858]
F LiamCS67 [22138]
F Q+ [20797]
F Muirenn [13616]
F PegLeg [13410]
F Hurricane Rita [15958]
F Tsunami Tom [16376]
F Sydgage [1737]
F Float [19693]
F BONES [14489]
F Esmerelda [16889]
Member Type:Member
Signed Up:17 Jun 2016, 6:10:28 pm
Last Active:13 Nov 2018, 12:20:36 pm
Last Action:44 minutes ago
Days Old:878
PhysicalOptions Trophies / Collectibles
Location:Port of Spain

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Flotilla:USS Texas
Ship:Ironclad Frigate
Crew Health:69300/69300
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Rōnin{BAMF}'s Friends Comments
F Muirenn [13616]
11 Oct 2018 6:32:19 am
Congratulations on being the first person to reach level 1000 during round 26!
F Q+ [20797]
10 Oct 2018 5:52:20 pm
Locked and Loaded 1K RD 26
F Captain Goosey H2O [VIP] [1087]
10 Oct 2018 5:49:32 pm
Congrats on Level 1000 Round 26! Number 1000, when it repeats itself often, is a communication from the divine spirits for you to commence a fresh sequence of events with passion and confidence. If you employ your innate capabilities and aptitudes, you will be successful and contented in your life by achieving your objectives.
F Chalupa Batman [20796]
19 Sep 2018 9:13:42 pm
Congrats on 800 RD 26! Keep up the good work!
F Q+ [20797]
10 Sep 2018 7:36:15 pm
Nice Gunboat! Keep that Bloke in check. Rd 26
F Captain Goosey H2O [VIP] [1087]
4 Sep 2018 6:59:41 pm
Congrats on Level 633 & the 1st Gunboat round 26
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