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Topic:Dear Bounty Hunter...
F Black Cutlass [12901]
9 Jul 2018 6:22:51 pm
Bounty Hunter, I laugh at thee
Bloons were wasted, I have a key.

As I sail these waters, you haven't a clue, for when it comes to keys, I have two.

Twice in one day, I'm really impressed
With me someone is really obsessed.
And twice in one day won't cause me strife, 'tis a game and me thinks someone needs a life.

Should I thank someone for the bloons they have spent?
I think it's simply a twisted compliment.

So continue to spend them all on me
I lied on the keys, I have more than three.

Happy Bounty Hunting :)
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F Big Fat Pirate™ [14103]
9 Jul 2018 6:55:38 pm
Maybe you should play a game with unicorns and rainbows. They might appreciate your prose.

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F Bloody Tom Harper [1426]
9 Jul 2018 7:09:44 pm
Oh come on that's a good poem.
Edited by Bloody Tom Harper [1426], 9 Jul 2018 7:10:44 pm
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F Big Fat Pirate™ [14103]
10 Jul 2018 11:10:49 am
I guess if you like poems.

Hey, BTH, did you know you could change the colors of your sails to pink?

And you can change your profile pic to that of a teddy bear...

Jus sayin'
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F Shawn Spencer [21837]
11 Jul 2018 7:46:15 am
I love the Poem!!!!! Fantastic.
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F Chip [21426]
12 Jul 2018 5:07:57 pm
did you write this poem while sitting in the brig?

or did you have other time to waste after using a key?

....asking for a friend.
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F Black Cutlass [12901]
12 Jul 2018 6:47:09 pm
The poem is meant to entertain and send the message that I'm a pirate and can handle anything that the dubloons spender wants to spend toward me on the bounty hunter. In fact I'm flattered that I am one of a few that are singled out to receive his attention. Enjoy :)
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